Brilliant Brand Club Basics by Pamela

Brilliant Brand Club Basics

This is the information you must know. All other concepts build on these foundational lessons. 

What's included?

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Start Here - Logistics
Brilliant Brand Club Welcome! .mp4
8 mins
What you need to know!
Failure Certificate
Join Slack!
Schedule - add to your google calendar
Logistics : Quiz
Brilliant Brand Framework
Create your minimum viable brand! .mp4
5 mins
minium viable brand.pdf
938 KB
Minimum Viable Brand Inventory
(1h 14m 34s)
Validated Learning
25.9 KB
An intro into the Design Thinking process
12 mins
YOU are the most important thing about your business.
How can you make space in your life for this work?
Start with the end in mind - where do you want to be in 5 years?
Start with why
4 Areas where you should spend your time as a new business owner
17 mins
Create a positioning statement
What is a problem that you can solve for your ideal audience with a service or product?
Next, let's think about your audience.
Build trust by focusing on one audience
Identify Your Audience.mp4
8 mins
SERVE your audience with your content.
Connect to your audience through emotions
Money Money Money Money
Your Money Making Plan.mp4
14 mins
Money Making Plan Spreadsheet
extra credit : explore your inner world
meet your gremlins.mp4
11 mins
meet your gremlins worksheet